A: Salus is Medicare Certified and currently accepts several major insurance carriers.  Contact us here to see if we are in-network with your specific provider.

A: Salus strives for continuity of care and we have the ability to assign full-time therapists to your facility.  This continuity in staff and care allows residents and therapists to develop a trusting professional relationship that often leads to increased resident participation and initiative related to their wellness.

A: With therapists and management available in-house, Salus is able to provide same-day collaboration on high-risk cases.

A: With outpatient therapy services, we are able to capitalize on “Direct Access” legislation allowing outpatient therapists to perform assessments without a prescription from a medical provider.  Just send us the resident information and we’ll get right on it, often assessing within 24 hours.

A: Yes, Medicare insurance covers skilled outpatient therapy services at 80%.  Secondary insurances and/or supplementary insurances often cover the remaining 20% for residents.  For HMO insurance plans, coverage varies depending on the insurer and chosen plan.  Salus provides all insurance coverage information to the appropriate party, including cost estimates, upfront, and prior to initiating care.

A: We recognize the cost of healthcare can be significant for those on a fixed income, especially for those with HMO insurance coverage.  Salus does not discriminate based on insurance coverage and is able to offer financial hardship waivers for those that qualify, based on regulations guided by federal poverty guidelines.

A: Salus is often responsible for furnishing our clinics with senior-specific equipment such as recumbent bicycles and parallel bars, for example.  We’re flexible and are able to work with equipment already present to assist in promoting the use of a common space and your investment in your amenities.

A: Yes, Salus therapists are versed in water-based actives which can often be a wonderful tool for the senior population.  As always, we are well versed in regulations requiring the use of a pool for therapy so please don’t hesitate to inquire!

A: No, we believe that we as healthcare professionals have a duty to share and educate the public on the benefits of health and wellness and offer these services as a true partner in care.

A: This is answered on an individualized basis.  Salus is bound by regulatory standards often enacted by Medicare.  Salus clinicians are well versed in the documentation and regulatory requirements which drive the resident’s ability to receive care.  If there is a deficit resulting in a need for therapy, rest assured our senior-focused therapists’ will be able to identify and describe these impairments and fight to provide your resident with the needed care.

A: Contrary to an often held belief, skilled therapy is not only implemented with progress as a goal, although this is often a primary goal.  Medicare and insurers in recent years have recognized “Maintenance” therapy as an approved therapy approach.  Residents with chronic conditions, often neurologic in nature, may still benefit from skilled therapy to maintain or prevent a decline in function, rather than progression of symptoms.  Each resident’s case is handled on an individual level, developing a personalized care plan for that specific resident, taking their input and goals into account.

A: Our primary goal is to progress residents to an independent level of care and discharge them from skilled therapy.  However, the work doesn’t stop there.  Residents are able to utilize Salus’ equipment and therapy clinic to perform their personalized home exercise programs previously developed by their therapist during their course of care.  A Salus team member is available for questions and comments during wellness hours at our clinic.

A: Yes, Salus is proud to partner with a wide spectrum of home health agencies from local and regional agencies to long-standing partnerships with the nation’s largest agencies.  Salus clinicians are well versed in the regulatory standards of the home health industry, easing the burden of staffing on agencies while allowing Salus to bring a truly comprehensive and specialized management team to your rehabilitation department – no matter the industry.

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