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Florida’s Premiere Physical Therapy Team

Welcome to Salus Tampa Bay

Salus is an industry leader in partnering with Assisted Living Facilities to provide a comprehensive and full-time PhD trained rehab team. Integrating home health and outpatient therapy, Salus is the fastest growing company of its kind in Tampa Bay. With 18 outpatient centers throughout the greater Tampa Bay region, Salus therapists can directly treat any individual for a wide range of medical needs.


Salus Tampa Bay currently accepts most major forms of insurance for physical, occupational and speech therapy services including Medicare, Humana, United Healthcare, Tricare, and personal injury.

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Manual Therapy


Our well-rounded therapists are able to use manual therapy to mobilize stiff joints, massage tight muscles and use their sense of touch to better affect your pain or ailment.


Neuromuscular  Therapy


With education related to a wide range of neurological disorders and symptoms, Salus therapists are able to effectively apply their education to assess your situation, explain their plan of care, and intervene once you and the therapist have discussed the path forward.


Vestibular Therapy


Whether you may be experiencing dizziness, vertigo, or maybe a history of falling, Salus therapists will determine how to guide an individualized plan of care after reviewing and considering all body systems.


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We currently accept several major insurance carriers. Contact us here to see if we work with your specific provider.

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“The Salus team has always been prompt and responsive in their service. I can depend on their expertise and professional approach to provide me with the concise documentation needed to accomplish our common goals.”

William Lazenby, Partner, Ellison Lazenby, PLLC

“Physical therapy with Salus was the single best thing I could have done after ACL surgery. I was blown away by the rapid progress, and so was my knee surgeon! They kept me motivated through small, attainable goals and steady progress. As a strength coach and athlete, I highly recommend him to anyone recovering from an injury.”



Our team serves patients all over the Tampa Bay area, including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Polk and Pasco counties.

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